(otherwise known as the small print)

Postage, Insurance, and Handling

The prices given above do not include shipping and handling. I ship all of my sticks by U.S. Priority Mail as I find that this is usually the least expensive option for you, whether domestic or international. Their tracking ability also allows your package to be tracked from the time it is mailed until it is delivered to you, and I have had excellent results from the U.S. Postal Service. Once I receive your order, I will calculate a shipping and insurance price estimate for you. I add a small handling charge to this, usually $5.00 or less, to cover such things as trying out your sticks on my own timpani, voicing of your sticks, packing your order, taking it to the post office, etc. Insurance is necessary when I mail your sticks to you in the event of loss in transit or theft.

Sales Tax
Pennsylvania Residents only. State sales tax of 6% and Allegheny County sales tax of 1% will be applied to all Pennsylvania sales.


In another attempt to keep your costs (and mine) down, I take only personal checks, domestic and foreign bank checks drawn on U.S. Funds, and money orders drawn on U.S. funds. I do not take credit cards or online payments because each of these services charges a significant percentage for the privilege, and ultimately that gets passed on to you, the customer.
Once you have placed your order with me and we have agreed on what you want and a price, you should then send me full payment for the order. Checks or money orders should be made payable to Ronald C. Carlisle and payment sent to 175 Woodridge Drive Carnegie, PA 15106-1311 USA. I complete orders for sticks in the order in which they are received and payment is made, so it is in your best interest to make payment as soon as possible after we agree on what you want and a price. In the case of larger domestic orders or international sales where shipping costs are higher, it will be necessary for me first to obtain a shipping estimate for you from the USPS.

Order Completion

It’s difficult to generalize about how long your order may take to make since I do all of my own work and in the order received. Many of my customers want one or more customized features, so all of my sticks are made “to order.” As a rule of thumb, figure on about two weeks or so for an order of five or six pairs of new timpani sticks and a little longer for larger orders. Busiest times of the year are just before the start of new school terms and just before the December holidays. Recovering/refinishing work generally goes a little faster, but of course it all depends on what I have “in the shop” at the time you email me and the size or complexity of your order. I’ll be able to provide you with a better delivery estimate when you email me your order. I have a good track record over many years for completing orders on time, and you are always welcome to email me to see how your order is progressing.


Doing custom work is very different from typical commercial production. Once I get your order, filling it requires a considerable commitment of both my personal time and materials, so once I receive your order and your check/money order, no cancellations or changes to the order can be accepted. Similarly, once the order is delivered to you, the sale is final, and the order cannot be returned for refund or replacement with other merchandise.


No warrantees are expressed or implied for any product beyond saying that all new sticks are made using the same high standards of workmanship I have employed since starting Carlisle Percussion Products. Please notify me immediately if you suspect any defects in the workmanship after receiving your order. Please note that bamboo is a grass, not a wood. It cannot be warranted against splitting, even though I take steps to minimize this possibility. As bamboo is a natural plant product, you can also assume that some slight variation in handle width and/or shape within a pair of sticks may occur. This is natural and not a defect. I select all my handles personally and one at a time. They are matched by weight, appearance, size, balance, and “feel” to provide the best possible pair of sticks.